Connect with your ideal Clients with Photos aligned with your Business

Are you passionate about making positive change in the world, do you love nature and are you sensitive to energy? Do you want more than the average headshot to promote your business and to work with a photographer who understands your message? If so you'll love working with Samjhana, she's has a talent for seeing into the heart and soul and capturing this on camera to help you attract the people you're here to serve.

Samjhana has been supporting heart focused entrepreneurs, luminaries and small businesses for over 6 years. Helping people to show up authentically with a portfolio of images that captures the imagination and truly makes them stand out from the crowd.


"I love my portraits which have helped me to develop my own personal brand. I recommend Samjhana if you are looking for someone to take amazing portraits that really capture your true energy." Rachel Elnaugh – Entrepreneur and former BBC TV Dragon

If you asked Samjhana's clients what is different about working with her than another photographer they would tell you about the huge amount of love and care that she puts into the entire experience. How they felt 'seen' and saw themselves from a new perspective. They might also tell you how her enthusiasm, creativity and attention to detail combined with a lifetime of experience as a photographer, helped them to create a portfolio that captured the essence of their business.

“It’s a fun creative process, there’s good communication and the preparation is really useful. Samjhana’s great to work with, she sees the character and helps me to bring out the different aspects I want to show. She’s very careful with lighting and details and she goes for the best shots… that’s why I’ve hired her more than once.” Elena Angel, Ultimate Connection Coach

A range of photography packages are available to support all stages of your business:

Studio Shoot from £250.00 to create essential images for your business. Click HERE to see the next available date.

Creative Portfolios from £1,000.00 to £1,500.00 for a VIP day and £3,500.00 all inclusive 4 day 1-to-1 Radiant Goddess Retreat in Devon. CLICK HERE to contact Samjhana and arrange your complimentary 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL.

Studio Headshots Day

Samjhana Moon by Hannah Baker"Hi I'm Samjhana and I'm passionate about helping women entrepreneurs step up and shine. Why? Because I made the transition from employee to CEO myself 9 years ago and I love The freedom and joy a life 'on purpose' brings me. I also know how important it is to be seen in your truth when you stand in the spotlight and it's not always easy to be seen and heard.

For small business owners, creative photography forms an essential part of your brand identity, i​t​ captures​ ​the imagination of your potential clients and helps​ you ​to stand out in the marketplace. Authentic portraits will connect with your ideal client on a heart level and encourage them to take the first steps in connecting with you. Every story needs a picture to help us believe, and when people believe they will invest in your services and products

If you're looking for a photographer to support you throughout the process from concept through to the final stage of selecting a key set of images that help you evolve both professionally and personally, then I would love to connect with you." Samjhana Moon

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"I had the most brilliant time working with Samjhana, she gets to the heart of who you really are and brings out the ‘natural you’ – albeit looking as fabulous as possible!"
Janey Lee Grace - Champion of Holistic Therapies


"If you’re looking for a gifted photographer to bring out the essence of your personality in a profile shoot, Samjhana will exceed your expectations." 

Jayne Morris, Burnout to Brilliance Coach and Speaker


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Event Photography

Whether your event is a landmark anniversary, a fundraising event or a conference Samjhana's creative touch will bring something extra to your special occasion. What better way for you and your guests to remember your event than with quality photographs they can cherish forever.

As an ex-events organiser Samjhana fully understands the sensitivities of your event. She is reliable, discreet and personable with your guests while capturing those magical moments which will make you and your guests smile, time and time again.

“Samjhana captured the energy of the workshop beautifully in her photographs, which I was absolutely thrilled with. I was extremely impressed with Samjhana's ability to capture the essence of the event whilst being discrete and interacting with high consideration of my clients. 


The images were given to me very promptly after the event and I was very pleased with the quality. I highly recommend Samjhana's work for anyone looking to capture and intimate workshop or training seminar.


Jayne Morris, Burnout to Brilliance



Visit the complete events Gallery here


"I spent a very enjoyable afternoon with Samjhana, experiencing her very creative photography and the exceptional way that she finds interesting and relevant themes. It is clear that Samjhana loves what she does, her enthusiasm and enjoyment shone through and it was a pleasure working with her on location and seeing her results so quickly."
Penny Power, Author, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker  

"Do you hate having your picture taken? That used to be me, too! I used to think I had a 'great face for radio' but modern business on the internet doesn't allow for shrinking violets.
Samjhana not only managed to persuade me to step in front of the camera - but actually made me look good! And it was even fun."
Judy Rees, Inspirational Coach and Mentor

"Einstein said "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Samjhana gave me a powerful image of who I am, beyond the old limiting beliefs of myself. I am using this to assist me to birth the life I want and become the person I dream of. She is effectively a midwife, who is assisting me to birth myself from a new place."
Iona Cameron, Sacred Sexual Shamanic Alchemy Mentor -


"Samjhana, allowed me to feel so at ease and her guidance before and during the photo shoot was so helpful in not only understand what to wear but opened me up making me feel less self conscious and able to truly enjoy the process…This was evident in the photos, which made it really difficult to choose and I confess I really loved them all... "
D’Casio,  Singer/songwriter -

"Aside from expressing an in-depth level of expertise in her craft, Samjhana's warm, genuine nature made me feel completely at ease. The results speak for themselves, the feedback of my headshot has been phenomenal"
Ronke Lawal - Chief Executive, Islington Chamber of Commerce

"Not only is Samjhana a FANTASTIC photographer with a real genius for capturing the magic and beauty of each person's essence, she is warm, wild, wise, inspired and such a delightful person.  Every part of the process from initial conversation, coaching, deciding on costume and location, to final delivery of the images was graced with such generosity, respect and precision.  An absolutely platinum service and incredible value for money.

Having my photoshoot with Samjhana was a huge professional and personal milestone for me.  Samjhana's support and encouragement during the coaching stage was a vital part of the whole experience.  Nothing like an impending photoshoot to show up any lurking self doubt!!  But with Samjhana's loving, insightful guidance, I was soon ready to step up and out again - and totally ENJOY becoming more visible (which is the whole point of a photoshoot after all!)  

When I first viewed the slide show of my photoshoot I cried! The results speak for themselves. Samjhana has seen into my being and expressed my unique qualities in such a beautiful way. I now have a set of wonderful images to use for my promotional materials, website and cover for my new guided meditation CD."

Maggie Kay, Thrivecraft Coach -


"Samjhana Moon is a fabulous photographer. I don't know how she does it but she manages to capture the very essence of the person she's photographing. The light and beauty that shines through her portraits, time after time is something magical.

I love these portraits and really enjoyed the session. Samjhana inspired me with confidence which helped me to relax and be myself. I've had so many compliments on these photos. With no fuss, no props and the simplest of backgrounds, I never knew I could look so good."

Jude Levy, Business Coach and Astrologer

"I'd been wanting to work with Samjhana ever since I met her back in 2011, and I finally booked her for the spring studio day in 2014. The experience with her was completely different from every previous photographer I had worked with. I felt totally relaxed, comfortable, and I really enjoyed the photo shoot.

I loved having my makeup and hair done before the photo shoot. It helped me feel confident that those little details were taken care of.  Most importantly, I feel that Samjhana really captured my energy in my portraits, which is something I didn't experience with previous photographers I had worked with. I do most of my business networking and marketing online, so it's vital that I have headshots that really express who I am.

Samjhana delivered a variety of portraits that were so perfect, I found it hard to choose a selection to purchase. I was pleasantly surprised by the results of her work, which totally exceeded my expectations. I recommend Samjhana to everyone I meet who mentions they need to get new photos done. It's a fantastic experience with fabulous results." 
Holly Worton -

"Samjhana is a legend, her standards and dedication are world class. The photos are brilliant but over and above that it is the care, effort and attention to detail that sets her aside from any other photographer I have met.

As our web site goes live I feel privileged to know and work with her. It is so important to me that I work with likeminded people who understand our concept and brand and she fits the bill in every way.

Thank you Samjhana for all your help and support." 

 Mike Bresnihan, The Frank Boys


“I selected Samjhana to direct my 'urban yoga' photo shoot because I felt she could best capture what I am about. I am pleased to say that not only I made the right choice but I got even more than I expected.

Samjhana is a real joy to work with, she is passionate, enthusiastic and most of all confident about the quality of her work which for me is paramount.”

Thierry Giunta, Progressive Yoga



“We used Samjhana to do photography of our store. Most of this will be used our up coming website.

Samjhana is extremely easy to work with and very personable and delivers great results. She worked well with the staff we used in the photos, making them feel at easy which resulted in great natural looking photos.”

Jeff Martin, As Nature Intended