Empowering Women to say "YES!" to themselves.

Samjhana is passionate about empowering women to say “YES” to themselves and re-defining our cultural ideas of beauty and femininity. She has a gift for revealing the inner beauty of women through focused photographic experiences in nature working with the annual seasons and a woman’s “Inner Seasons”. Her work is shifting perspectives and uncovering the sparkling truth of who we women really are.

Women's Wisdom Dial“I believe that our cyclic nature is the most powerful personal development tool we women have. Reaching our fullest potential as women has never been easier. With awareness of our hormonal tides and by working with the 4 phases or ‘Inner seasons’ of our cycle we understand ourselves better. We achieve more in less time and are more creative. We can rekindle our childlike sense of adventure and improve our relationships. By knowing your flow you can take the right action at the right time and live in the flow of life.”

Samjhana has created the World's 1st menstruation and moon clock - the Women’s Wisdom Dial to help women track their cycle and be empowered by their cyclic nature. Take a closer look the video below or CLICK HERE for full information.

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Samjhana founded Goddess Portraiture following a life-changing journey of personal discovery around the World. She is passionate about redefining our cultural ideas of beauty and femininity and works with women of different ages, sizes and cultures to reveal their inner beauty through fine art photography.

Her portraits, which are created in stunning natural settings, have a beautiful, ethereal quality that offer a fresh new perspective for woman-kind. Women often comment that they feel as though they are seeing themselves for the first time in Samjhana’s photographs.

Goddess Portraiture offers a range of photography packages to choose from:

  • Goddess Entrepreneur – powerful images that encapsulate your passion in business
  • Goddess Experience – an empowering journey to reconnect with your true femininity
  • Goddess Maternity – a unique memento of one of the most sacred times in a woman’s life
  • Goddess Soul Mates – celebrate your love for each other in an intimate portrait

Samjhana with buttercupsFor Samjhana, every Goddess photography session has a spiritual dimension: “Photography is a sacred process, a celebration which invites us to transcend our current state of being. Creating a portrait for someone that reflects their true essence is the most rewarding job in the world. For women especially, it can be a transformational experience, allowing them to see their true beauty for the first time.”

Visit the dedicated site for more information http://www.goddessportraiture.co.uk/

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